Hi, I'm Valentinos.


"Flexible and convenient".  My strapline to describe how the software must be for the client. I like developing new things, learning new technologies and meeting new people.

About Me

My name is Valentinos Papasavvas. I am sociable, energetic and friendly person. My interpersonal skills make me a good communicator, able to work well with others. I motivate and encourage people around me. I am self-aware and always seek to learn and grow. I am not scared of undertaking new responsibilities no matter the degree of difficulty. I am a critical thinker and a good researcher.

Currently, I collaborate in a team which deals with internal projects that are based on Laravel MVC Framework and using Lumen as a API microservice framework. I used to be involved in projects that were based on PHP Zend Framework and with PHP Object Oriented. We give emphasis on delivering a feature or a final product on time along with quality code. Each person evaluates and reviews code of others to guarantee the best result.

Also, as I like challenges, I got involved in the main mobile application the company does which is based in iOS and Android. I am responsible for developing and maintain the iOS app along. I was involved in the process of defining the structure of the application, have undertaken major tests with iBeacons and GPS and kept improving the quality and performance of the app. That was a big challenge as this is another business sector and there are differences between developing a site and developing a native mobile application.

In my free time, I am an active and athletic person seeking for action and adventure all the time. I always look for new technologies and like to play and develop my own projects, in order to expand my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest technologies. I tend to play with Drupal 7 and started developing my own modules which can be found in my Github page.

This resume was build by a module I wrote called Drupal Resume.


  • Senior PHP Developer


    01/2017 - Current


    Responsible for maintaining the products the company has, collaborate with the team for potential improvements, involve in project management.


    • Setting a sustainable pace to deliver the completed, tested, integrated, production ready software
    • Analyse processes in order to provide solutions
    • Team collaboration in Cyprus and Germany
    • Split the deliverable into stages and make small releases.
    • Perform code verification and detrermine recommendations for adaptation
    • Pair programming to approach a problem with different opinions

  • Senior PHP Programmer

    Approved Food

    08/2016 - 11/2016


    Responsible for the internal picking system, collaborate with the team for potential improvements, involve in project management.


    • Setting a sustainable pace to deliver the completed, tested, integrated, production ready software
    • Split the current system into Microservices written in Laravel Framework that will consume an API,written in Lumen Framework
    • Reviewing new technologies and making suggestions for possible improvements in the system
    • Collaborate with the people in the warehouse to understand the needs of the system
    • Split the deliverable into stages and make small releases.
    • Undertake merge requests for code improvement
    • Implement unit and integration tests
    • Pair programming to approach a problem with different opinions

  • Senior Web Developer - iOS Developer

    Llama Digital

    02/2014 - 08/2016


    Collaborate with others to deliver quality code, involve in project management, provide guidance and imporevements in the process of delivering a feature/product to a client.


    • Setting a sustainable pace to deliver the most completed, tested, integrated, production ready software
    • Stand up meetings to keep up to date with the process of each person in the team
    • Suggest solutions to the team and get different opinions of how to achieve the best result
    • Communicate with the clients and understand their requirements
    • Split the deliverable into stages and show each stage to the client to see the progress and to get feedback.
    • Use of Rubber Duck Debugging method
    • Meet the deadlines inside the team by dividing and analysing each point of a project/feature
    • Refactor whenever is needed to keep the project quality and security up to date
    • Implement unit testing - TDD for the developers to be aware if they accidentally break a feature and BDD for the clients to understand what we tested for the deliverable based on the User Stories
    • Pair programming to approach a problem with different opinions
    • Develop and maintain the company's main mobile Application called Situate on iOS
    • Work on various type of big projects of the company based on PHP MVC Framework
    • Use merge requests for code review
    • Suggest new technologies to be used based on client requirements

  • Web Developer

    Llama Digital

    01/2012 - 02/2014


    Started as Graduate Web Developer, I was involved of learning and developing in all CMS of the company. After that point, I was trained with PHP Zend Framework to collaborative with developer and project management teams to deliver quality development.


    • Pair with a team and work on big projects based on PHP Zend Framework
    • Maintain and support various CMS that the company has (Drupal 6,7, MODx Evolution/Revolution, Magento E-commerce,Wordpress) 
    • Convert legacy code into a quality structure code
    • Started using version control


  • MSc Database Professional - Sheffield Hallam University

    01/2011 - 01/2012

    • Databases & the Web, Data Warehousing, Industrial Expertise, IT Project Management Logical Database Development, Physical Database Design and Administration, Study Skills for Professionals, Web Application Design and Modelling
    • MSc Thesis Title: “Investigation of Column-Based Databases Performance against Relational Databases”
    • Final Year Project Grade: 76 / 100
    • Grade: First Class Honours (73.2 / 100)

  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science - University of Crete

    09/2006 - 10/2010

    • Year 1 Modules
      • Introduction to Computer Science, Digital Design, Calculus I, Physics I, English I, Programming in C, Calculus II, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, English II.
    • Year 2 Modules
      • Data Structures, Probability Theory I, Object-Oriented Programming, Theory of Computation, English III, Logic, Applied Mathematics for Engineers, Computer Organization, Software Technology Laboratory, English IV
    • Year 3 Modules
      • Computer Networks, Languages and Compilers, Files and Databases, Operating Systems, Algorithms and Complexity.
    • Year 4
      • ​Final Year Project Title: “Design of Parallelization of the single-node Oracle/Berkeley Database through the use of a Distributed Coordination Service (Borealis)”
    • Final Year Project Grade: 9 / 10
    • Course Overall grade: 6.76 / 10


Zend Framework
Twitter Bootstrap 3
PHPUnit Testing
Responsive Web Design
Drupal 7
Git/BitBucket Version Control
XP Principles
Rabbit MQ
PHP Resque
SaaS product
Apiary API Design Stack
Laravel MVC Framework
Behat Testing
MODx Evolution/Revolution
Google Analytics Goals/Funnels
Objective C
Bash Script
Lumen Microservice MVC Framework
Automated deployments
Paypal API Payments
Project Management
Google Analytics
Amazon S3
Amazon SES
Amazon SNS
Google Analytics Ecommerce
Magento E-commerce
Facebook API
Mongo DB
Node js




Cooking and trying different cuisines
Going to the gym
Disassembling devices and fixing them
Travelling in various countries
Attend car meetings and events
Participate in events


HackManchester 2012


2012 HackManchester Companies challenge winner (with the Llama Squad) winning the Best Company Award for our Automate Time Tracker web application

HackManchester 2015 Award - Create the best use of beacons for the Rise community


2015 HackManchester won the The Barclays/Rise Challenge - Create the best use of beacons for the Rise community. On https://youtu.be/YvBy7DBaesk?t=1247 we are on the final 3 for rentalcars.com competition and on https://youtu.be/YvBy7DBaesk?t=2188 we are again on final 3 for Rise Challenge and win the big prizes.

Training Certificate for Zend Framework: Fundamentals Course


Successful completion of the training of Zend Framework: Fundamentals Course. View the Zend Certificate here.

Training certificate for iOS iPhone & iPad Apps Development


Successful completion of the training of iOS iPhone & iPad Apps Development. View the iOS Certificate here.